BebeConfort Iseos Car Seat

BebeConfort Iseos Car Seat
Iséos (from 0 to 18 kg) is recommended from 6 months to around 4 years of age. It adapts to the build of the child, gently reclines without waking the child, is very simple to use and gives the child full protection. Very comfortable with an ultra-soft cushioned seat, reinforced back, as well as an exceptionally comfortable integrated headrest.

A simple, ingenious, modular and exclusive system for adjusting how the seat reclines and opens. A system for keeping the harness open and for effortless positioning of the baby.

- Maximum protection from the side reinforcements with their double plastic shell- Can be fitted quickly and easily in the vehicle

Iséos is recommended from 6 months onwards, but it is approved for 0 to 18 kg. If you use it for babies under 6 months, you should use the reducer to ensure that the head is properly supported. The Iséos Modulosafe provides an optimum ergonomic position for the baby. If he falls asleep, you can easily tip the seat back without jerking. The width of the seat can be adapted to the size of the baby or his clothing. If you attach Iséos to the front seat facing forwards and if your vehicle is fitted with an inflatable cushion, you will need to deactivate it or place the baby in the back (always facing forwards).

- Since vehicles do not always have belts of the same length, it is advisable to try the seat in your vehicle before purchase. To make it easier to position your baby in his seat and to avoid contact with the metal parts of the harness, which may get hot if the car is exposed to the sun, make sure that you fix the harness in the notches provided. You can also use the Bébé Confort seat cover, which is sold separately. The Iséos seat comes with loose covers which can be washed in warm, soapy water (not machine washable)




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